We are SOS from the Kids, a group who love singing and want to protect nature. We write and sing songs as a form of environmental activism and invite everyone to join us. 


SOS from the Kids formed when brothers Sim (12) and Noah Macaulay (14) got together with their cousin, Coen Baines and close friends to record the song ‘SOS from the Kids’. The song had been written by Sim and his mum (Dorry) after Sim and Noah learnt about humankind's destruction of nature.


Sim had written songs with his mum since the age of seven so working on 'SOS from the Kid's' with her was a very natural way to work through his feelings. The song started as a way to channel their family’s sense of despondency about the crisis into something proactive and hopeful that could include friends & family. 

The children immediately began using their song as a form of musical activism, performing at climate meetings, festivals and in concerts. Now the group of 25 children have a set of original songs and perform them at festivals and  

SOS from the Kids were delighted to have a global platform as Semi finalists on Britain's Got Talent 2020. It was a nerve-wracking and exhilarating show to be involved with, but it was a great opportunity to spread their environmental message.

Simeon and Noah were delighted to receive a letter from their hero Sir David Attenborough saying ‘Thank you for all you are doing to help tackle the problem’. 

Recently the choir have teamed up with Chris Packham to encourage big land owners in the UK to re-wild their lands. Re-wilding is a great way to fight climate change and bring back more biodiversity. Noah and Simeon explored the theme of re-wilding in the BBC Bitesize series The Regenerators

The choir were delighted to be invited to sing at COP26 and they performed six times over three days.  They were able sing to world leaders. Asking them to listen and act for a fair transition to a greener future.

islington 2 .png

A Fridays For Future strike February 2020 

BGT Audition 1 .JPG

Britain's Got Talent 2020

Receiving Sir David Attenborough's letter 


SOS from the Kids want to encourage other young people to feel empowered to join the global movement calling for environmental change. They have put free resources on this website so individuals, school groups and youth clubs anywhere can sing their songs. 

Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 20.56.22.png

A montage of cover versions of 'SOS from the kid's' from around the world

Special thanks to our local parish church St Mary's for their general encouragement and for letting us use their building to work on new songs together. 
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