This is a charity single. Profits for online song sales will go to Medicins San Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) who work in disaster zones, including climate related conflicts and natural disasters. They help the most vulnerable people in the world including climate refugees. Check out their incredible work here:

Read why their vital work links to Climate Change here:  

'SOS from the Kids' was written after Simeon and his brother Noah (14), learnt about humankind's destruction of nature at school. The boys came home telling their mum about the number of trees cut down per day, the state of the insects and the amount of energy and resources that are consumed to make a t-shirt.

Watching David Attenborough's 'Climate Change - The Facts' alerted them to the climate crisis this destruction was causing. It had been Attenborough's nature programmes that had first inspired their boyhood fascination with bugs and insects, so they started to talk about changes they could make at home that would help the insects and animals.

Being a musician, Sim's mum (Dorry) started writing a song about this awakening realisation her family were going through. She did her own research and was convicted to make changes in her own life. Simeon, who has a passion for singing, immediately took interest in the song his mum was writing, suggesting lyrics, re-phrasing Dorry's words to make them 'how he would say them'.

Dorry says, 'the lyrics of this song are very much pointing at me, I, as an adult, need to help "change the story". It's my generation that need to take responsibility. We've left a legacy that our kid's will bare the consequences of. This song is a wake up call to myself and all "grown ups". The song was a way to channel our family's initial feelings of despondency into something positive that has hope and that other people can join us in'.

Simeon (otherwise known as Sim) set about inviting his cousins and friends to record the song with him and Noah helped capture what they were up to on film.

With the support of family and friends, Sim and his fellow climate warriors, have been performing, ‘SOS from the Kids’, wherever they think they can make a positive difference. So far this has included, gathering a huge group of young people from schools across London who sang together at 'The Youth Strike For Climate' outside the Houses of Parliament in London on 20 September '19.

SOS from the Kids also sang to politicians meeting for a climate conference at the Hampshire County Council offices on 18 July '19.

They've been guests on BBC Radio's ‘The Early Late Show’,Radio Solent, sung with Johnny Flynn for Extinction Rebellion at Trafalgar Square and at church services and school assemblies.

Sir David Attenborough wrote a letter to Simeon saying, 'Thank you for all you are doing to help tackle the problem', They have plans to keep singing and to keep inviting children and young people worldwide to join them. Do let us know if your group perform this song. We'd love to share what you're doing on our social media platforms and raise our voices in a collective worldwide call for climate action now. 

​You can find us on spotify here:

The S.O.S choir will be doing lots more projects like this one which will be added to this page. 

Each project's compositional process will be guided, recorded and performed by the children. 

Our goal is to use the power of music to send positive messages into the world. Ones about the need to care for our planet and for one another. To promote kindness, compassion and the importance of telling the truth. 

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