We love nature. We write songs for the planet and invite everyone to sing them with us. Profits from ‘SOS from the Kids’ go to environmental causes to help nature and wildlife. 

SOS from the Kids formed when brothers Sim (12) and Noah Macaulay (14) got together with their cousin, Coen Baines (5), and close friends to record the song ‘SOS from the Kids’. The song was written after Sim and Noah learnt about humankind's destruction of nature at school. They came home telling their mum about the number of trees cut down per day, the state of the insects and the amount of energy and resources that are consumed to make a t-shirt.


Watching David Attenborough's 'Climate Change - The Facts' alerted them to the crisis being caused by burning fossil fuels. It had been Attenborough's nature programmes that had first inspired their boyhood fascination with bugs and insects.


Sim had written songs with his musician mum, Dorry, since the age of seven so working on 'SOS from the Kid's' with her was a very natural way to work through his feelings. 


Dorry says, 'the lyrics of this song are very much pointing at me', I, as an adult, need to "change the story". It's my generation that needs to take responsibility. We've left a legacy that my kid's will bare the consequences of. This song is a wake up call to myself and all "grown ups". The song started as a way to channel our family's feelings of despondency into something proactive, something that has hope and that other people could join us in'.

Sim and his small troupe first performed the song in July 2019 to politicians. They busked on the street outside the Winchester Council Chambers, attracting a crowd of MP’s and policy makers who were gathering to debate and vote on climate issues. Word spread fast and before long hundreds of kids joined the troupe to sing at September’s ‘Global Youth Strike for Climate’ at Parliament Square in London.

SOS from the Kids have gone on to write more songs and continue to spread their message. They were delighted to have a global platform as Semi finalists on Britain's Got Talent 2020 and they have recently released a charity single for WWF UK as part of their 'Future Visions' challenge https://www.wwf.org.uk/get-involved/schools/future-visions. 

Noah and Sim's hero David Attenborough wrote to to thank them for "all that you are doing to tackle the issue" of climate change. 

We have been sent some beautiful versions of children around the world singing 'SOS from the Kid's'. If you want us to share a video you have done, just send it to sosfromthekids@gmail.com.

SOS from the Kids want to help other young people feel empowered to join the global movement of young people calling for environmental change. They have found singing to be a great way to process and express emotions and make new friends. It has reduced their anxiety about the climate crisis and helped them feel positive about the future. Sim says "when we sing people stop and listen. It makes me happy when people ask questions and say that we inspire them." SOS from the Kids member, Eliza, says " I love singing with my friends, knowing that we are singing for animals and nature"

'SOS from the kid's' versions from around the world

'Music - What a powerful instrument, What a mighty weapon'

Maria Augusta Von Trapp 

Special thanks to our local parish church St Mary's for their general encouragement and for letting us use their building to work on new songs together.