We are a community of kids who love singing and want to protect nature.  We write and sing songs as our form of environmental activism. We're asking for social and environmental justice and we invite others to sing with us.

“How clever of you to write a protest song about climate change! Thank you for all you are doing to help tackle the problem” Sir David Attenborough

“This song is brilliant! Hopefully this helps us achieve the change this planet needs” Fridays For Future 

This is the power of speaking up for what’s important, taking action and spreading that message far and wide. Thank you ‘SOS from the Kids’ for what you have done”  Jane Goodhall, Roots & Shoots Blog 

“SOS from the Kids have created such a powerful and inspiring approach to tackling Climate Change." Louise Oakley WWF-UK

“Kids across the world are voicing an ‘SOS from the Kids’ by singing out their plea for climate action” 

Ms Jayathma Wickramanayake 

United Nations’ Envoy on Youth