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A New song in Collaboration with Phuyaklah voices and Papua partners 

It's Time to Heal:

Recorded in collaboration with 'Phuyakluh Voices', West Papua

Staring Yakub Saunders from 'Britain's Got Talent'

Yakub video still 5 .jpeg

Choreographed by 'The Royal Ballet's' Marcelino Sambé


It's Time to Heal - our new song!..and we're delighted to announce we'll be singing this at COP26 as part of our set! It's our rallying cry for climate action. We're going be performing three times over three days as we ask our leaders to listen and act for a fair transition to a greener future. Our video is set in a world where people haven't listened to the scientists, where nature has not been protected. We want to encourage conversations and inspire action now because there is so much we can do to restore our relationship with nature and protect and heal it. About the Video... A HUGE thank you needs to go to our director Paul Cheung who volunteered so much time and mega skills to make this video possible. Thank you to his crew at Fight Gravity Films for giving so much to the project. Thank you to our partner charity Papua Partners for working alongside us and to Phuyaklah Voices for collaborating in the recording of the song in West Papua. This video was shot in the UK and stars Yakub - whose dance blew us away when we were both on Britain's Got Talent. The amazing Marcelino Sambé agreed to choreograph Yakub for this project and we are very thankful to The Royal Ballet for allowing us to practise in their studios!

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